Thursday, June 19, 2014

Cusp Song of the Day: Theme from Mahogany (Do You Know Where You’re Going To)"Theme from Mahogany (Do You Know Where You’re Going To)," sung by the movie's star Diana Ross, came out at the end of 1975 and went to number 1 on the pop charts in January 1976.

It was written by the late, great Gerry Goffin (after his many previous solo hits and Carole King collaborations) along with Michael Masser; Masser also produced. It received a Best Original Song Academy Award nomination, losing to "I'm Easy" by Keith Carradine from Nashville

In Cusp, Karen and Mark go to see Mahogany together and she notes it's "pretty lame but still makes me cry." Later, on New Year's Eve at the cusp of the Bicentennial, a Diana Ross impersonator performs with two fake Supremes then, when she wants a solo spotlight, "walks toward them singing, "Do you know where you're going to?' They squeal and scurry off the stage in mock terror. She then turns back to the audience and finishes the song. They lyrics are gloomy ('How sad the answers to those questions can be') but this drag Diana turns it into a triumph for herself and sadness for her former sisters Supreme. It's a funny bit, and probably pretty accurate as well." 

I have to admit, this was never my favorite song, or movie; both are overblown and slightly ridiculous. But worst of all is the song's bad grammar. Every time it came on the radio (which was a LOT back then) I wanted to yell, "It's 'Do you know where you're going'! Not 'going to'!" I'm anal that way.