Monday, June 11, 2012

Cusp Song of the Day: The Solid Time of Change

"The Solid Time of Change" by Yes is the title song from Chapter 6 and the first song on Side 1 of the 1972 album Close to the Edge. In Cusp it's yet another song played at Eric's nuclear bomb of a party. About it, Karen says, "Eric introduces me to some of the other guests while Close to the Edge by Yes, one of my all-time least-favorite bands, plays." 

For teenagers, musical compatibility is a prerequisite to passion. Disrespect my music and you might as well find yourself another face to suck. Karen's disdain for Eric's music is a guarantee they will never find happiness together. A prog rocker with someone whose tastes run to Jackson Browne, R&B and early disco? Never happen.

Close to the Edge reached number 3 on the album charts despite spawning no singles.

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