Friday, July 27, 2012

Cusp Song of the Day: Forever Came Today

When it was released by Diana Ross and the Supremes in 1968, Holland-Dozier-Holland's "Forever Came Today" was the first Supremes single not to make the Top 25 on the pop charts. In fact, it rose only as high as number 28, the worst showing since "Nothing But Heartaches" had stalled at number 11 three years earlier. The difference is that "Heartaches," also by HDH, is a so-so song, rhyming arm/charm and keep/week to a repetitive theme. "Forever" offers a complex melody and triumphant "everlasting love that I've been forever dreaming of."
In 1975, the Jackson 5, then in their final days with Motown, released a disco version of "Forever Came Today" with lead vocals by Michael and Jermaine Jackson. While it rose only to 60 on the pop charts, it was a number 1 dance hit. 

In Cusp, Karen and Mark exit the Sting to the sounds of the then-current Jackson 5 version of “Forever Came Today.” Former rock aficionado Karen, who has been learning all about the Supremes from their most dedicated and knowledgeable fan, thinks, "It’s a remake of a Diana Ross and the Supremes song. The fact that I know this concerns me. What is happening to my life?"

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