Monday, May 14, 2012

Cusp Song of the Day: All Around My Hat

From Chapter 6: "All Around My Hat" is played in Cusp at a party given by Eric, widely known to have terrible taste in music. So terrible, in fact, that guests Karen and Mark become friends in part due to their shared disdain for his musical programming. They escape together to a diner, and make their own selections from the tabletop jukebox.

Steeleye Span is allegedly still active after more than 40 years, despite numerous personnel changes and a lack of commercial success. The British folk band has released more than two dozen albums, but only one yes, 1975's All Around My Hat! actually went gold. The title track was released as a single but, unsurprisingly (just listen to it!) did not make Billboard's pop chart. The band specializes in "traditional" music only slightly catchier than Gregorian chants: non-charting reels and jigs, for example. "All Around My Hat" incorporates part of an early 19th-century song, which doesn't help endear it to Cusp's characters, or the music-consuming public.

Sorry to any Steeleye Span fan(s) for my uncharacteristic snarkiness!

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