Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cusp Song of the Day: Thank God I’m a Country Boy

From Chapter 7: John Denver liked "Thank God I’m a Country Boy" so much he put it on two consecutive album releases: a studio version on 1974's Back Home Again and a live version on 1975's An Evening with John Denver. In June 1975, the live version became his third number 1 hit.

The song's role in Cusp comes at the Mamaroneck Inn, the diner  where Mark and Karen escape from Eric's dreadful party. They discuss Karen's potential breakup with her current boyfriend, and Mark offers to play a song to help her through. He punches a code and up comes "Thank God I'm a Country Boy," with audience clapping and hooting. Karen worries that Mark might not really "get" her, but he quickly explains that he picked something completely different, that this must be the tail end of another person's selection.

What did Mark pick? Check back tomorrow!

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