Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cusp Song of the Day: Riot on Sunset Strip

From Chapter 2: I've already highlighted several songs from Mark's 1967 party, but today's selection actually inspired that event. In 1975 Mark watched the 1967 movie Riot on Sunset Strip.  Although the Summer of Love had been only eight years earlier, this exploitation film was already a laughable period piece about hordes of good-for-nothing teens rebelling against curfew.

Mark put out the word to his friends to come dressed like it was 1967—no platform shoes!—and decorated his backyard with a giant joint made out of a sheet hanging on a clothesline. All the music played at the party was from 1967.

The inspirational movie's title song was sung by "godfathers of punk" the Standells over the opening credits. It was written by band members Tony Valentino and John Fleck for the film. Chart action? Uh, no.

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