Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cusp Song of the Day: Tombstone Blues

From Chapter 2: Another song from Mark's 1967-themed party.

Partygoers were encouraged to come in costume1967 wasn't so far removed from Cusp's 1975 timeframe, but in many ways it was another era. One guest comes as Bob Dylan. As he leaves, he paraphrases a line from "Tombstone Blues": "Remember man the sun isn't yellow, it's chicken!" He then grabs Karen's friend Gwen and they take off for a night she will regret terribly.
"Tombstone Blues," while unquestionably a quotable classic, wasn't released as a single. Highway 61 Revisited, the album from which it came, reached number 3 on the Billboard Album chart in 1965, and spawned the number 2 pop hit "Like a Rolling Stone." (It was probably blocked from the top spot by the Beatles' "Help," but I'd have to check with my friend Paul Grein to know for sure.)

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