Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cusp Song of the Day: I Think of You

Annie Haslam's pure and confident tone on Renaissance's "I Think of You" is the perfect counterbalance to the song's ethereal lyrics about a lover feeling the presence of the one she loves in a flowing stream, shining sun and cool wind. It's one of the more straightforward of the band's songs from its Turn of the Cards albumindeed, from any of their progressive rock albums, which incorporate influences from classical, jazz, folk and, naturally, Renaissance music. It can get a little heavy-handed at times.
Cover (Turn of the Cards:Renaissance)
"I Think of You" is the title of Cusp's fourth chapter. In the book, the song plays as Karen and Patrick go to his bedroom to make love for the first time. It's mentioned only as a passing reference to what's on the radio as they enter his room.

I saw Renaissance at the long-gone Westchester Premier Theater in Tarrytown, NY in December 1975 with a friend who was unfamiliar with them. I knew them only from "I Think of You." The band's rabid fans had what my friend considered a misplaced ardor. A funk aficionado who was only there because it was my birthday, she detested the show and insisted we leave early. And so we did.

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